This page is used for viewing and ordering the SwimZone Racing Uniform. It is the Club's policy that the SZR T-shirt is worn at all times while attending meets, away trips and is the only clothing to be worn on the podium. It is important that our Club is presented in a consistent manner and that we get to enjoy the maximum exposure for the Club through the correct use of the uniform. All other uniform items are optional.  A SZR swim cap is needed for all race meets, contact your coach if you do not have one.


We have six uniform options that come named:

1.  T-shirt | $45.95
2.  Long Sleeved T-Shirt | $51.70
3.  Pullover 
Hoodie | $80.50

4.  Zip Hoodie | $84.50
5.  Shorts | $45.95

6. Deck Coat | $148.50


SZR Racing Caps | please contact John at swimz@xtra.co.nz or 0274886324.

Please place orders using the following form.

Orders will be sent to our Uniform Coordinator, who will quality check and arrange delivery or collection. If you have any questions in relation to the club uniform or wish to try on a sample before ordering please contact Amanda Baker  (uniform@szr.co.nz).

(SZR Racing Caps - swimz@xtra.co.nz)



New Short Sleeved T-shirt Back.png


Long Sleeved


Long Sleeved



New Long Sleeved T-shirt Back.png









New Hoodie Front.png
Zip Hoodie.png
New Shorts Front.png

Deck Coat


Deck Coats.png