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Frequently Asked Questions

My son/daughter would like to join SwimZone Racing. What do I need to do?

As all Club members must swim in a squad with SwimZone please contact Tyler Stevens to arrange a time for an assessment. Once this has been completed we would welcome you as a Club or Competitive member.

I am swimming with SwimZone, how do I join SwimZone Racing Club?

Go to our 'Join' then 'Membership and Fees' page, and follow the "How to Join" instructions. If you need more help, contact

How much does it cost to join?

For 2020/21 Season, Club memberships are $80 and Competitive memberships are $200.

My child is new to racing, how will they know what to do at races?

Swimzone Racing holds an event called Ready 2 Race. There is usually one per term. Swimmers are taught all they need to know about races, including starts, turns and marshalling. There is also a parent information session where you can learn a lot and also gives you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have. Swimmers will also learn these skills in regular training.

What races should my swimmer do?

The best person to answer this question is your swimmers coach. They will know your child's abilities and can guide you in the right direction. Have a chat to them at the pool.

What races can my club member attend?

There are numerous meets throughout the year which are suitable for club members. Club members are invited to all Swimzone Racing hosted events. Club members can attend most meets hosted by other clubs. Check our 'Events' page for more information. A Competitive Membership is required to attend regional and national events such as the All Stars Junior Festival and Wellington Championship meets .

I need to withdraw my swimmer from a race/event. How do I do this?

Withdrawals need to be emailed to the meet host. Their contact information will be on the meet flyer. Championship meets require withdrawals by a certain time or you may incur a penalty. The flyer will specify the withdrawal process. Once a meet is underway, withdrawals will need to be done through the SZR team manager. Their information will be posted on the Facebook page and is normally emailed out too.

What is the difference between SwimZone Racing and SwimZone?

SwimZone Racing is a non-profit competitive swimming club with over 100 members. The club works closely with SwimZone which is a privately owned coaching business. SwimZone Racing (the club) does not employ coaches. SwimZone (the business) has a contract with the Hutt City Council to be the sole provider of professional swim coaching in Hutt City.

How do I upgrade my swimmer from Club to Competitive membership?

If your swimmer is a club member already, contact to upgrade your membership type.

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