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Code of Conduct

for Travelling Swimmers

Swimming New Zealand code of conduct will apply at ALL TIMES during the trip. This can be found on the Swimming New Zealand website (you may have perform a site search to find it)

Infringements may result in suspension(s) and early return home

Smoking - Alcohol - Drugs

 The possession and/or use of tobacco products, alcohol, drugs or solvents are prohibited. Infringements may result in suspensions and early return home.


  1. Any behaviour considered by team management to be detrimental to the good order and/or name of the club is unacceptable.

  2. It is expected that swimmers will always let team management know where they are.

  3. It is expected that swimmers will not leave their rooms at night unless it is to go to team management rooms.

  4. It is expected that swimmers will not engage in any sexual activity either with each other, with individuals from other teams or with individuals from the general public while away at this competition.

  5. If anything happens to the swimmer, either physically or psychologically, it is expected that a swimmer will inform the team management ASAP so that appropriate action can be taken. We realise a swimmer may want to discuss any occurrence with their parent but this should not be instead of team management unless there was a direct reason as to why informing team management would be inappropriate.

  6. It is expected that any pictures or chat sent to social media during this event will be in good taste and not portrait (either seriously or in jest) either the swimmer, other swimmers or the club in a bad light.

  7. If a swimmer feels that another swimmer’s behaviour is negatively impacting on them, it is their responsibility to let team management know so that actions can be taken if necessary.

  8. No bad language / swearing for any reason is NOT accepted.

  9. At bedtime all mobile phones / electronic devices will be given to the Team Manager's and they will be returned in the morning.

Dress Standard

The official Swimzone t-shirt is to be worn when required by team management. When casual dress is appropriate, it must always be tidy and respectable.


Times that are set for assembling, departures, meetings, rest, lights out, and so on must be kept. The smooth running of day to day routines and swimmer performance is greatly hindered if team members don’t keep to these times.

Electronic Equipment

Electronic equipment (including phones) Swimmers may have their own electronic equipment however if it becomes apparent to team management that the use of such equipment is negatively impacting on the swimmer or other swimmers it may be temporarily removed from the swimmer and kept by team management.

Sportsmanship/Fair Play

Whether you are a swimmer or a spectator, you must display high standards of sportsmanship and fair play. You are encouraged to acknowledge good efforts by others. Swimmers will be considerate of others needs for rest or sleep (See also punctuality).


Team management will deal with all discipline issues. In sending your swimmer to this meet, the swimmer and the parent/guardian accepts that team management will act in the best interest of the swimmer, the team and the club. If the Team Manager(s) and Coach feel that the actions of the swimmer are in serious breach of the code of conduct, the swimmer may be:  

  • Withdrawn from the meet

  • Sent home immediately at the swimmer’s expense

The decision of team management is final.

Declaration Swimzone Racing away meets have a history of being a fun and exciting experience. This Code of Conduct is not a disciplinary statement, but an official agreement between the swimmer, parent and team management to maintain the integrity of our club. We wish you a fun and successful trip! By submitting the form online both the swimmer and parent agree to all terms of this Code of Conduct. The information found here is solely for your reference purposes.

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