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Getting into Racing

Swim Meets give swimmers the opportunity to put into practice all those things the coach has been training them to do. For many swimmers, the swim meets are the ‘fun’ bit of swimming.

There are 3 main types of meets that you might be involved in.

  • Club Meets

  • Interclub Meets

  • Regional and National Meets

​Initially, we suggest taking part in a Ready to Race session and then a Need4Speed. If you're unsure which meets to enter into, please ask your coach for advice.

SwimZone Racing Events

Ready to Race

Ready to Race events are designed for swimmers in the Aqua Kids Squads. Coaches go through the process of a swim meet and cover common questions such as:

  • What time do I need to be there?

  • What is the warm-up routine?

  • What do the whistles mean?

  • What is marshalling?

  • Who is the team manager?

Swimmers try out a Race Warm-Up, Marshalling, Race Starts and Races and/or Relays if time permits. At the end, there is shared pizza for everyone.


​A Need4Speed is an official swim meet run by Swimzone Racing for swimmers from clubs and swim schools in the Hutt Valley. This meet is for novice and less experienced swimmers and has a break time, which basically means if the swimmer has previously swum a time faster than that time they are not able to enter in that event. Initially, we suggest taking part in a Need4Speed. 


​A Timezone is an official swim meet but this event is only for SwimZone Racing members. When you participate in a Timezone event you will only be competing against members of our own club. Because you have the support of your own team members, it's a good meet to try new events and obtain qualifying times for Regional or National events.

Club Sprint Champs & Get Into Long Course 

These are inter-club long course (50m pool) events that are run by Swimzone Racing. They provide a chance to try out swimming over the 50m distance.

Training Camps

Each year the competitive squads are offered the opportunity to take part in training camps during the school holidays. The Barracudas camp is held locally, while the Makos and Marlins travel to other locations. This enables squads members to develop a higher level of endurance and to provide time for members to develop their friendships which are a strong motivator for young people.

Goal Meets

These are meets that swimmers can aim to compete in as they progress through the squads. Qualifying times are needed to enter these events. 

All Stars Festival, Wellington Championships & 12 U Junior Champs

These Wellington regional meets occur in the summer (mid-January), winter (Aug/Sept) and Dec each year. Junior swimmers aim to qualify for the Junior Festival and Junior Championships. Some junior swimmers use the AIMs Games Competiton as a goal during their Intermediate school years.

Division II & National Age Groups

These are National level events for the 12 to 18 age groups. National Age Groups acts as trials for World Junior Champs, State Teams, Pathway to Podium, World University Games & National Squads for a small number of swimmers. Swimmers can also represent their colleges in local Wellington, North Island and National Secondary Schools events.

NZ Opens & NZ Short Course Championships

A small number of Swim Zone Racers compete at the very top level of level NZ swimming. Some of them aim to represent NZ at the International level. NZ Opens is the trials for World Champs and NZ Short Course and the World Short Course Champs.

Away Meets

Some of the goal meets require travel to other parts of the country. Outline expectations about travelling as a team and why that's important.

The club has an annual day bus trip to the Kiwiwest meet in Palmerston North. This provides juniors with the experience of swimming with a team in an away meet situation.

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